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"During my career, I have worked alongside many professionals in the fields of Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management and Adult Education. None surpass Charles Purchase in accomplishments, knowledge or experience. Charles was a pioneer in the field of on-line education and his unique combination of hands-on professional experience and instructional skill, ensures that the courses he designs are both informative and engaging. Whenever I need to seek 'wise counsel', it is Chuck that I contact first. His ability to effectively communicate with people regardless of their age or educational background, to quickly isolate the root cause of a problem and to propose innovative solutions never ceases to amaze."

– Dan McGarry, MBA,
 Executive Vice President,
Human Resources,
 Global Wood Group

"Mr. Purchase has distinguished himself by the way he was able to adjust to the issues in health care. But what has been exceptional about his performance is his ability to conceive projects which combine theoretical complexity with lucid case studies. This characteristic has enabled him to arrive at creative solutions to complex problems – solutions which have satisfied the needs of the parties involved. Moreover, he is highly committed to see the job through.

"Mr. Purchase possesses the qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, maturity, and exceptional knowledge of the mediation/arbitration process, and labour relations, in general. Therefore, I would highly recommend him without question."

– Victor Trotman, Senior Director,
Labour Relations, University Health Network

"Charles Purchase has been teaching and developing curriculum for Seneca College for over a decade, and online for us for more than 7 years. Charles consistently achieves high evaluation scores and stellar comments from students across Ontario. His background, thoughtful approach, and adherence to Adult Education Principles rank him among the best online instructors we have."

– Rick Fortier, Manager
 Centre for Distributed Learning,
 Faculty of Continuing Education & Training, Seneca College

"Charles Purchase is a Subject Matter Expert in Human Resources Management and has developed and re-designed online courses for Seneca College for a number of years. Most recently, he has developed Industrial Relations and re-designed Strategic Human Resources Planning, Organizational Behaviour, and Recruitment and Selection. These HRPA approved courses are hosted by Seneca College and delivered through Ontario Learn to post graduate HRM students throughout the province. Charles ensures project deliverables are on time and on budget. His development projects are grounded in theory and always involve merging the required technical knowledge of a subject with practical application through the use of case study scenarios in all courses."

– Karen Spiers, Project Manager
 Faculty of Continuing Education & Training, Seneca College

"Charles Purchase has worked teaching our online offering of BUS255 Compensation* for several years and always brings the best out in his students. He is energetic, enthusiastic about learning, and his many years of experience working in Business allow students to learn from real life business examples. Charles is well-respected by his students and consistently receives positive and encouraging comments from them."

– Patricia Jackson,
 Program Development Officer
 Part Time Studies, Canadore College

* BUS255 Compensation is an HRPA approved course offered online through Ontario Learn.

"I completed the final exam for the course yesterday. I wanted to thank you for your insight, feedback and guidance throughout the course. I learned a substantial amount regarding Industrial Relations through your assignments and exam. The modules provided a practical element that assisted with the understanding of fundamental concepts. I am hoping that I could contact you in the future as your insight would certainly be helpful. Thanks again."

– Kenneth (Feb 10/13)

About Charles Purchase
Principal, AME High Consulting

Charles Purchase, Principal of AME High Consulting

Charles started his career in HR at Pilkington Glass Manufacturing, a large float glass manufacturer in Scarborough, Ontario. His early focus was on hourly and salaried recruitment and then on grievance investigation and response working with the United Glass and Ceramic Workers Union. After a number of promotions in that location, he was transferred to Corporate office in Toronto handling national HR responsibilities for Recruitment, Employee Transfers, the development and implementation of a national Performance Management Program and the company"s Anti-Inflation policy guidelines.

In 1977, Charles moved to Dominion Dairies Limited (Sealtest) as Regional HR Manager responsible for all HR activity in Ontario including labour relations responsibility for 21 bargaining units with such unions as IBT (Teamsters), RWDSU (Retail Wholesale and Department Stores Union), USW (United Steelworkers Union) and the IBU (International Boilermakers Union). In addition to the significant labour relations activity, Charles assisted in the development of the "Right to Know" communication strategy in which the details of the organization from marketing to operations to finance to competitive pressure were shared and discussed with hourly unionized personnel in small discussion groups in order to increase understanding and pride in the company.

In 1982, Charles joined Westroc Industries Limited, a leading construction materials company in Canada as Director of Human Resources responsible for all HR activity in Canada. The company had just experienced a major work stoppage in Mississauga and Charles was able to develop and implement strategies to improve the labour relations climate in that operation and across Canada. A significant aspect of that role was acting as chief spokesperson for negotiations at five gypsum wallboard plant negotiations and three gypsum mines across the country with unions such as the ECW (Energy and Chemical Workers Union) and the UGAWIU (United Gypsum and Allied Workers International Union).

In 1987, Charles joined the International Headquarters of McCain Foods in New Brunswick as Director of Human Resources responsible for the development and implementation of all HRM policies and programs in the Canadian operations, and recruitment and employee transfer policies internationally. Policies and programs developed included various positive employee relations programs including compensation and internal complaint procedures in all nine manufacturing operations in Canada and two large sales forces such that employees found it unnecessary to seek membership in a union.

In 1992, Charles joined Coca Cola Foods Canada Limited as Director of Human Resources, which subsequently renamed The Minute Maid Company, a division of Coca Cola. As a member of the Executive Committee, he was responsible for the development and implementation of all HRM strategies, policies and programs for the operation in Canada. Some of these programs included the development and implementation of a flexible benefits program and a defined contribution pension plan for Canadian employees. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President Human Resources and Public Affairs of the Minute Maid Division of Coca Cola and Officer of the Coca Cola Company. He also had HRM responsibility for Coca Cola Limited and labour relations advisory responsibility to Coca Cola Beverages in Canada.

In 1996, Charles opened his own consulting company specializing in labour relations and was chief spokesperson or on negotiating teams for a number of negotiations in the private and public sectors during that time.

In 2002, Charles joined Seneca in the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training and managed various business programs including the Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate Program, in addition to teaching in-class and online. He left Seneca in 2012 to open AME High Consulting as Principal.

Charles holds degrees in Economics and Business Administration from York University in Toronto and is a proud member of both the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and the Strategic Capability Network (SCN).