"Mr. Purchase has distinguished himself by the way he was able to adjust to the issues in health care. But what has been exceptional about his performance is his ability to conceive projects which combine theoretical complexity with lucid case studies. This characteristic has enabled him to arrive at creative solutions to complex problems – solutions which have satisfied the needs of the parties involved. Moreover, he is highly committed to see the job through.

"Mr. Purchase possesses the qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, maturity, and exceptional knowledge of the mediation/arbitration process, and labour relations, in general. Therefore, I would highly recommend him without question."

– Victor Trotman, Senior Director,
Labour Relations, University Health Network

"During my career, I have worked alongside many professionals in the fields of Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management and Adult Education. None surpass Charles Purchase in accomplishments, knowledge or experience. Charles was a pioneer in the field of on-line education and his unique combination of hands-on professional experience and instructional skill, ensures that the courses he designs are both informative and engaging. Whenever I need to seek 'wise counsel', it is Chuck that I contact first. His ability to effectively communicate with people regardless of their age or educational background, to quickly isolate the root cause of a problem and to propose innovative solutions never ceases to amaze."

– Dan McGarry, MBA,
 Executive Vice President,
Human Resources,
 Global Wood Group

Mediation & Arbitration Services

For successful labour relations mediation or arbitration, there is no substitute to having significant and varied experience in the field so that the mediator/arbitrator can quickly identify with both parties" positions and begin to search for a resolution. Charles has in excess of thirty years in labour relations with a demonstrated record of success, negotiating over 100 collective agreements as chief spokesperson for management without a work stoppage. In addition, Charles has worked successfully with organizations and unions in both the private and public sector.

Some of the major unions the Charles has successfully dealt with over the years include:

  • The United Glass and Ceramic Workers International Union (UGCWIU)
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
  • International Boilermakers Union (IBU)
  • International/Canadian Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE/CUOE)
  • United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
  • Retail Wholesale and Department Stores Union (RWDSU)
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • United Steelworkers Union (USW)
  • Energy and Chemical Workers (ECW)
  • Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers (OCAW)
  • United Gypsum Allied Workers International Union (UGAWIU)
  • Canadian Autoworkers (CAW)
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

To date Charles has heard and resolved a number of cases at the Mediation stage with clients and as a result, saved the parties thousands of dollars per case that would have otherwise been spent in legal and arbitration fees at the Arbitration stage of the grievance.